Love Will Prevail

Love Will Prevail

I received so many messages after posting the blouse I snagged from American Eagle’s clearance sale. Questions, asking what else I picked up and for some suggestions on my faves! So, I’ll do a couple small posts over the next few days, showing you. Thankfully some items are still in stock, so don’t wait long!

I am a huge fan or mixing casual or graphic T’s with business or high waisted skirts. If I want to dress it up even more, I throw on a blazer. If I want to keep is casual, I put the shirt on full display! I find it’s a mix of professional and fun, which has a time and place. By no means am I walking into a listing appointment or meeting a client for the first time wearing this, but running by the office for paperwork – by all means! I also find most these shirts so versatile that tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans with a jacket is perfect for running errands! Best part, this T is on sale for $16.34. Click here to shop!

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