My Kind of Camping

My Kind of Camping

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I posted, but last time I mentioned… I am only writing blogs posts when I want to! And this time I’m excited to share something with you… well, that AND you guys asked me to! :p

Life is crazy and you know it just as much as I do… it’s hard to disconnect. You might laugh when I suggest that I did just that, on my quick trip Glamping but here’s the difference… I may have had my phone in hand to take pics and computer nearby to deal with clients, but when I walked away… I actually walked away.

Located just over an hour from Regina, you find Buffalo Pound Lake, on the Qu’Appelle River approximately 28km north of Moose Jaw. And let me tell you, this lake just got better! Not one for “roughing it,” I surprised the two younger kids and my husband. Now keep in mind, in the whole time my husband and I have been together, I have never planned a trip! (Like not even one!) He is the planner, the packer and the one who prepares. Which means we may or may not been down an item or two upon arriving. (See at the bottom for my “bring VS supplied” list.

With two options of dome’s, I highly recommend the “Lakeview Family dome.” This 450 sq ft space offers a HUGE king size bed on the main level PLUS two full double beds on a second storey loft (accessed by a ladder). And what would glamping be without a full (spacious) 3pc bath? No lack for supply of water, just watch your timing because hot water is limited (Duh, Shayla – you city girl!)

Lastly, the view! For a short period of time, I lived at the lake, in a waterfront house. There are two things I miss dearly about it- falling asleep with my windows open and, THE VIEW. Well, let me tell you, this VIEW is just as beautiful! Nothing beats waking up to the water, the birds and the calming feeling of this little resort!

Supplied (likely more, but here is a basic overview)

-Toaster -Fridge -Coffee Machine & Coffee -Cups/Coffee mugs -Plates/Cutlery -Firepit, BBQ & lighter -Fire roasting sticks -Linens -Foam mats for kids to play on the wood floor

Things we should have brought and would have… if my husband had been in charge!

-BBQ mitts

-Milk (for coffee – my bad, but the owner saved me and kindly dropped some off.)


-Wine glasses

-Music source

-Water toys/activities. We brought paddle boards but the water was too choppy.

-Bug spray, they’re not bad but if you’re going for walks… you’ll thank me.

-Fire starter – paper perhaps? We didn’t bring this so my hubby brought out the boy-scout skills and used potato chips!

Things I appreciated.

-We were greeted by the camp manager upon driving in. He took us to our dome and showed us around.

-The ice cream truck is only steps up the road and the NICEST people were working. (They lent us some ketchup because I also forgot that!)

-It is quiet. I didn’t worry about my kids running around without me near. We’re far enough from the water I didn’t have to worry about that and the traffic is so minimal here – it didn’t bother me at all.

-There is a park for the kids to play at and although the zipline kicked B’s butt – it’s an awesome reason for the kids to burn some energy.

-Everyone is enjoyable here! We were taken on a side-by-side tour. We were checked in on (and brought more coffee packets because you know this momma went through it all & more!)

-The plugins! Okay this sounds silly but…there were so many. I could plug in my diffuser (yes, I somehow remembered that), my apple watch, blow dryer… you name it. Common’ I GLAMP, I don’t CAMP!


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