About Me

Pastels and Passion has been created to fill just that, a passion. Follow along to find a variety of topics covered. Personal experiences from raising 3 kids, running a successful real estate business and running a busy household will play a large part in my blogs.

Fashion: Growing up with a love for clothing is an understatement. Remembering to when I was little, I have always loved dressing up, wearing pretty things and struggling to walk in high heels. Fast forward, years later and I still enjoy a well put together outfit, following (some) of the trends, wearing my favourite brands and mastering the sky high heels!

Home Decor: Home decor is an interest that came in my 20s. After a few years of renting I purchased my first home where I started to love decorating and finding my style. Shortly after buying my first home, I built my “dream” home where I was able to design my layout and handpick all my finishes. Through many style changes (successes and fails) I realized that decorating was a way for me to “escape” and enjoy my personal time. A house is not always a home, and a home is a happy place.

Lifestyle: Building my “dream” home was with the intention of accommodating our growing family. 3 kids and a husband (I sometimes call a 4th) demand a lot of space, especially when hockey nets sometimes make appearances in the living room! Between running a successful real estate business and a second home at the hockey rink, follow along to see what we’re doing!

Food: For someone who has never had a love for making it, I sure enjoy eating! My whole life I have been talented enough to burn water, relying on my husband to keep us all fed (thankfully he’s a fabulous chef) but lately I’ve been loving our family time in the kitchen thanks to ZestyKits. Keep an eye out for delicious recipes (courtesy of ZestyKits) because I promise, you don’t want mine!