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6-Months Later and the Endy Mattress Is The Best Purchase We’ve Made!

6-Months Later and the Endy Mattress Is The Best Purchase We’ve Made!

Many of you have loved our Endy journey and so have we sharing it with you all on social! What started as a ‘researched pillow purchase’ about a year ago, spiralled into using multiple Endy products! On the hunt for the perfect pillow, my husband and I were ordering brands anywhere from $20 – numbers we don’t want to repeat. We just couldn’t seem to find what we were looking for. I remember him asking me (one late night) my thoughts on these Endy Pillows he had found online. 

We agreed it was worth a shot because although a higher price than some options, it was also less than a lot of the others. The Endy Pillows came and we LOVED them. About six months later, I teamed up with Endy to test their award-winning mattress and bedding, and take you along the ride – good or bad! 

Hesitant to purchase a mattress having never tried it, let alone one that comes in a box definitely had me a bit leery. If you’ve been following along, you know my thoughts now, but if you’re new around here, all I can say is DO IT! My husband and I have the worst sleep schedules. And by that, I mean there is no schedule at all! He sneaks into bed well after I’ve fallen asleep, but with our Endy Mattress he rarely wakes me up (hello no motion transfer)! I also struggle with a bad back and although, I’ll admit it takes some getting used to a new mattress, this Endy became my fave… goodbye backaches! Oh, and the Endy Sheets? Quality and fab as it’s made from 480 thread count and 100% sateen weave cotton. Six months later and they still feel new, soft, and comfortable! 

I remember wondering if we made the right decision, questioning how could the quality be THAT good for THAT price? The first night we were impressed, the second night was the same and we still agree, six months later – Endy is one of the best (sceptical) purchases we’ve made! This Canadian made company is bringing affordable bedding options, that in my opinion compete with the other pricey brand we’ve always been forced to buy! And the number one question I received? ‘How does it feel?’ I no longer have to describe because you can pop on over to your local Urban Barn and try one yourself!

Arriving at my door in under a week… this company is one of my faves! So much so… I just ordered three more Endy mattresses and sheet sets for my future A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌! Ladies and gents, this journey is just starting and I can’t wait to share this experience with everyone who stays in my little slice of A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌ heaven and fall in love with Endy for themselves!

Use my code SHAYLA50 and save $50 off your own Endy and trust me, you won’t regret it!

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