How Blogging Has Opened My Eyes

How Blogging Has Opened My Eyes

Some of you will say “I ask for it” or “bring it on myself”. Others will say “the solution is simple, stop publicly sharing your life”. My blog is officially just over one year old and holy hell has it been a journey. When I started the blog it was for a personal reason. I recently had gone through (self-proclaimed) “burn out” in my career. All I was focusing on, was the next big deal. Taking care of myself, quite honestly, was barely on the radar. Fast forward through the next little while and the blog was born. As well, my Instagram page @shaylaackerman took a turn from being real estate focused, to a lifestyle feed. This was done as an outlet for me. It gave me an opportunity to creatively share my world with others. I didn’t start it to influence, or to make money (although both those ideas are cool, they’re not the drive behind the effort).

If you go back and read some of the first posts, they are bland and generic. (I’ve also left them up because they show growth.)  Unfortunately, they were not really telling you much about me. The funny thing is, I felt like I was doing things right back then, simply because I was creating content. But, the topics were all over the place and for the most part (now that I look back) just “filler”.

The truth was, I wanted to blog and share my life with you but I also didn’t want to share my life with you. I live in a fairly small city. Example, if you go out to supper, or grab groceries there is a high chance you’ll bump into at least one person you know. This idea worried me, that anyone could read about my personal life if I chose to share it. I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about people who I saw in everyday life, having that ability. (Somehow the thought of strangers reading was much more comfortable.)

The truth behind blogging is people can be mean! Like, really mean! I have had multiple comments left attacking me, my style and even worse, my kids and parenting. Growing thick skin is something that I have come to learn over the last 10 years of my life. But every once in a while, something stings and Momma-bear comes out.

Regardless of all the above, I also gained friends, clients, and an internet-based support system. Supporting others and watching their journey empowered me. Connecting with like-minded boss babes and seeing their struggles pushed me. And for those reasons, I continued. I also chose to share more of who I actually am, and let the trolls do their thing. (Anyone who has time to creep the internet just to leave ignorant comments needs to get a life!)

One year later, the blog is actually me. A true representation of who I am, even if you meet me in real life. Do I share 100% of my life online? No. Why? Because I have been through one hell of a battle with being a blended family and I truly believe that things like are no one else’s business. Just because I have chose to share parts of my life, does not mean you get to see it all. And, that should be a decision that is owed respect and isn’t questioned.

Blogging for me is an opportunity to creatively share who I am. Openly sharing what has contributed to my success all while admitting there were a lot of falls along the way.

So, content may not be as frequent as it once was in the past. But, I guarantee that when I write, I write because I’m passionate about the topic and want to share with you! So here’s to those of you who share your life. To those of you, who don’t judge. To those of you who support others in their journey, regardless of what it is. And, to those of you who follow (for the right reasons.)


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