Blouse On A Budget

Blouse On A Budget

Scrolling last week, looking for (who knows what,) and I came across this blouse. I get asked all the time where I get my work clothes from and most believe I pay a fortune to stay styled. Truth is, you don’t have to spend big dollars to look professional and pulled together. Although I wouldn’t wear this blouse without a blazer to meet a client, I most definitely would wear it under or in between! Best part – it was on clearance for $13.68, worst part – it’s already sold out. That being said, there are still some killer clearance sales on American Eagle’s site right now and you likely could score yourself a few new items for under $20.00!

Click here to shop the women’s clearance! (I also lucked out and found a few pairs of pants and a couple jeans for under $30, although sizes are fairly picked over.) Happy shopping!


*I remember in my younger years, shopping out of season was a huge help for the bank account. I would watch my favourite sites for their “season clearance” and then pack them away in my closet for next year. I may not have been wearing the most recent trend or style but I had nice clothes and purchased them at a fraction of the price. It takes planning and patience, but if you’re at a point in your life where $$$$’s are not sitting there, begging to be spent (as is true for most of us,) it is something to consider! *

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