Way Day! (Wayfair)

Way Day! (Wayfair)

Well, yesterday was fun over here because I purchased through my first WAY DAY! For anyone who hasn’t read my blog of Wayfair, WAY DAY is (self claimed) one of their biggest sales of the year. I was sceptical on how good the sales would be and worried that searching all on a quick timeline (the sale is only one day,) may lead to some rushed decisions. I spent a couple nights cruising the site for items I’m looking to change out in our home and measured to see which pieces fit best. Example, I knew I wanted a tufted bench but there are over 15! Once I selected my top 2 favourite of each item, I put them into my cart. I finished this about 4 days before the sale (which took place April 25, 2018) and impatiently waited.

The morning of the 25th came and I checked back to my cart … I was pleasantly surprised. Free shipping on everything and some pretty good deals. Two of the items were $75.00 off (which was nice) but one was $500.00! All in all, I ended up saving $932.00 on 5 items by waiting for the WAY DAY sale… you can say, I’m a happy shopper! Can’t wait to show you all what I bought… two of the items arrive tomorrow! (Yes, two days after I ordered.)

*By researching ahead of time, I made smart decisions in what I bought and it was easy for me to see how much the discount was on each of my favourite items!

Check the Canadian site here!

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