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An Organized Life – Bathroom Edition

An Organized Life – Bathroom Edition




This post is anything but the norm. It does not consist of beautiful home decor, pretty outfits, stunning backgrounds or anything of the sort. It starts with dirty and cluttered drawers and goes from there!

If you missed my Insta-stories this past Sunday – I was determined. In my quest to de-clutter and “lighten” my life, I felt like no better time than the present to tackle my bathroom organization. That was until I found out how crazy-expensive plastic organizers were!









Originally I started my search on The Container Store (which might I add, has great options) but they were on the pricey side. Because I was willing to invest in my organization, I threw them in the cart and went to check out. My order was $45. Unfortunately, so was shipping! Yes, shipping was also $45. At that point, I was out










Determined and in true 2019 fashion, I jumped on the gram for suggestions and I’m so thankful I did! My cousin actually sent me a DM suggesting The Dollar Store. Before heading to meet my afternoon clients, my youngest son and I swung by the store. To my surprise, they had exactly what I was looking for. We grabbed a variety of sizes and decided when we got home, we would tackle the bathrooms together. We threw on a podcast (clearly for my benefit) and my son and I had a great afternoon organizing.

Now, everything has a place, I saved oodles of $$ by scoring my containers at The Dollar Store and once again, I’m a happier mom in a little less-cluttered home! Here’s to hoping these (disgustingly) dirty and crazy drawers inspire you to do your own!




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