How to Spice Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

How to Spice Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

Looking for a way to spice up your kitchen without investing thousands of dollars? I have come up with three easy and affordable trends that will give your kitchen visual interest with little work needed.

1- The easiest way to change up a style or bring in a pop of color into your kitchen is with chairs or island stools. You can follow trends and change them out with little effort which also makes them an easy option.

2. Lighting. Something that needs a little knowledge but can make a big change so it’s worth the investment if you have to hire an electrician. Pendants above islands or dining rooms allow you to make a statement whether big or small and can help you pull together an overall style. Check out these unique lights that compliment the bar stools and tie the look together!

3. Decorative shelving. I’ve touched on this in the past (here,) but functionality is no longer the biggest concern in kitchens and the want for visual interest continues to expand. Pretty straight forward but these shelves will allow you the base to change decor in and out as you grow tired or change your style.


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