Velvet & Floral, Trends We’re Seeing In 2018…

Velvet & Floral, Trends We’re Seeing In 2018…

2 months into 2018 and we’re able to see which home decor trends will continue, which are the new and popular and which you should ditch. Over a few blog posts I will share what we’re seeing so far this year!


This one is great because regardless of the color you have in your home, this fabric will work. Velvet has come so far from what we remember, now softer, less likely to stain, machine washable, fade resistant this is a trend I am loving. With headboards becoming the focal point in most master bedrooms, this is a great opportunity to work in the velvet trend. If you’re not ready to commit on such a large scale, first try with pillows or a small accent chair. Watch and be amazed with just how forgiving this fabric is.

*If you’re loving this one like me, consider crushed velvet on velvet, it creates a visual interest and differentiates between the two Check out an example of my bedding in the background of this post here!



A trend that really came through in 2017 and is continuing into 2018. Flowers are fun and an easy way to work in color without overwhelming an area. Pillows and paintings and are easy ways to create a feminine feel with keeping your space trendy but without your husband complaining. If you’re feeling bold, there are some amazing rugs and wallpaper that will make a statement as well (Who cares what your husband says!) Colourful floral or black and white, this trend will continue strong.


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