How to Follow a Trend Without Going Overboard.

How to Follow a Trend Without Going Overboard.

Trends. With social medias becoming as popular as they are, we’re able to see thousands of new housing trends at the touch of a button. This can be good and bad. We are able to do hours and hours of research before committing to an idea and incorporating it into our own homes. But, we also will see as each trend comes and goes, therefore making it impossible to keep up with them all. I find myself loving one and shortly after I have recreated it, something new has caught my attention. So how do you choose the right trends to follow and where should you invest your money? I have a rule of thumb, keeps your walls consistent (with the exception of a “feature wall”,) floors neutral, and cabinets your personal choice. Do your trends in your decorating, this way you can change them more often, without feeling a financial pinch.

The dining room below will be my example. If you break this space down you’ll see bright walls, neutral flooring and a few key “trendy” pieces. A barn wood table with industrial farm style metal chairs complement each other while the chairs accent the fun light fixture and the table flows with the wall.

Tip: Make sure that if you do an feature wall you use a product that can be easily removed down the road. This way, when the “rustic” trend is no longer in style, you can pop down the feature wall (quickly repaint) then change out the table and chairs and move on to something new you’re loving!

Tip: Keep in mind you may not live in your home forever so when you go to sell, what will others think of your design choices? If you keep trends to decor, then the house will appeal to most buyers. If you design with black cabinets, blue granite, gold faucets and so on… will your personal (and trendy) choices hurt you in the future? Sure, it may be new but if a buyer intends to rip it out, it holds no value. (Go for the blue accent pillows over the countertops, trust me!)

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