Two Toned Kitchens

Two Toned Kitchens

Kitchens. A place that has forever been a gathering space where many hours are spent. Whether you’re preparing supper for your family or entertaining for friends, the kitchen always tends to be the spot to hang out. Thinking back over the years, kitchens have often followed pretty boring housing trends. In the 90’s we saw oak with button nose knobs, in the mid 2000’s we saw maple trending, again with generally “boring” hardware and 2010(ish) till recent was all about expresso and dark colours with maybe a squared or bolder handle.

Now, it’s all about expressing yourself in a kitchen. Bright and light has been the big thing for at least two years, but we’re also seeing bold coloured backsplashes and fun designs in countertops lately. Another popular design is incorporating horizontal cupboards that open up rather than swing to the side or building in decorative spaces rather than just the functional shelving we’re used to seeing in the past. Kitchens are THE thing and one of the trends I’m loving is two toned! This allows you to create a focal point without making a huge statement you may regret. You can mix and match your colours to represent your style and complement your home but I recommend staying fairly neutral. Mixing a white with a grey (as you see below) is a great way for lightening up a space but keeping it trendy and eye catching.

But… maybe you’re the person who wants a “fun” or trendy kitchen but isn’t daring enough to go for a permanent investment like I’ve touched on in this blog. If so, see this post for other ways you can spice up your space without breaking the bank.

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