Marriage Advice – Never Stop Dating

Marriage Advice – Never Stop Dating

Okay, some of you will ask how I can possibly give marriage advice when I’ve only been married a couple of years? So instead, let’s change from “advice” to what we’ve vowed to never stop doing! And that ladies, is date!


For us, a busy life is enjoyable. We both live for it and probably take on more than we actually should, but that is how we’ve always been and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. What does that mean? It’s easy to forget about the important fact that a relationship takes work. It’s easy to book your life around your career and kids and anything else… but each other.


From the very beginning of our relationship, we have made it a priority to always make sure we have our own time! Without the kids, without friends and as best we can without distractions… we’re still working on without distractions. That will likely always be a work in progress – common’ we’re not perfect!

Date nights for us don’t have to be anything “special”. Time together enjoying each others company, is all we look for. Movie nights, games in the living room, relaxing time in the hot tub when the kids are in bed… literally anything as long as the focus is on each other.

Last weekend we decided that we would do our first ever “staycation” in Regina. We’re both working on Valentines Day so this was our special splurge in honour of! We both booked a Friday off (in the late afternoon) and went to The Hotel Saskatchewan, to check in for an overnight stay.







If you have followed me for a while, you’ll know- this hotel is my style! The beauty behind the design is eye-catching and inviting. We stayed in a corner room where you know I also loved the natural sunlight that lit our cozy little space.

Downstairs at Circa 27 we ordered some appys and a couple drinks. We brought the laptop and as silly as it sounds, we started business planning. (Keep in mind, I said “date night” and to many people – what they find fun, is different.) I promise you, we actually enjoy planning our future. We talked for hours, laughed and enjoyed creating and drawing out our dreams. Time passed by so quickly, next thing we knew they were shutting down for the night!

The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast in bed before gathering up and going back to the “norm”. As you can imagine we likely spent a few hours working and a few more in a rink. (Are you even Canadian if you don’t spend half your year in a rink??)




If I can suggest one thing to focus on in 2019, it is your partner and making sure that you grow together. My husband and I met when I was young, that meant – a lot of growing to still be done. We are totally different people than those two young souls that quickly fell in love, but if you ask me- were an even better version of a couple who grew together to support each other.

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