Our Gallery Wall & the Foyer Table That Started It All!

Our Gallery Wall & the Foyer Table That Started It All!

Oh, what seemed like one of my million “never-ending” projects! I have this spot in my home that is exactly that, a “spot” I had no clue what to do with. We had a bench there once, then a chair and table, maybe even toy storage at one point? I would constantly change it because it was never quite right. Do you know the awkward landing space at the top of the stairs to the second storey I’m talking about? (Unfortunately, I cannot find the full before picture… that’s what happens when you start the project 4 full months ago!)


Finally, I had a vision. It was a mix of Pinterest-Insta inspo! The problem was, it started with this one photo, where I saw this one foyer table! I searched high and low for a similar style (and by that I mean, hours and hours of internet searching). The problem was this “perfect” table only ships within the USA. (My luck.)

Paint done. Frames bought. Gallery measured. 

Eventually, my husband got sick of me looking for a similar table and told me to just buy the one and we would drive to the states to pick it up! Elated, I bought it immediately. Next on my list was the gallery wall I had also spotted through inspo posts. I am probably weird but I never had our family photos on display in my home. I think it has to do with being a real estate agent and seeing so many people over-do the photo walls or collages. I wanted to keep my space bright and fresh.

Frames up. Photos & Foyer table next.

We have 9′ ceilings so I found that I could fit 3 frames wide by 3 frames tall without overwhelming the space. I kept them white framed with a white matte to brighten up the Fall photos we have taken, each year.

I have to admit, that once awkward space at the top of my stairs has become one of my favourite in the whole house! Clearly, the photos were taken a couple weeks ago, when my holiday decor was up. Currently – it’s in need of a few extra items. I’ll keep you in the loop as I update it. My rule of thumb (now) is, buy the staple items and switch only a few pieces (if you choose) through the seasons and holidays for a bit of a fresh look.

Find our frames here. (Unfortunately, they only sell in store.)

Shop our foyer table here. (USA delivery only.)

Noel wood, light-up sign, similar here.

Thick Braided Basket, similar here.

Beige Throw Blanket, similar here.

Medallion Wood Decor Stool, similar here and here.

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