What Is New In Our Home? Hint: It’s Not Decor.

What Is New In Our Home? Hint: It’s Not Decor.

Well, just over one week into the new year and I’m wondering, how are all your “new you” plans going? I don’t know if I have ever approached a year with the attitude I have now. I am serious! Serious about making changes, and this time (unlike all the rest) it doesn’t have to do with my business, making money or climbing the real estate ladder.

This year, I am 100% completely committed to working on ME! (Yes, “ME” is in CAPS because I want you to put a ton of weight on that statement.) Don’t get me wrong, I still set goals for my business, and yes they’re higher than last year but the way I believe I will accomplish them is by starting at the root. If I am not healthy, happy and motivated… then how do I possibly expect to make more and do more in the other areas of my life?

Luckily, I am not the only one in my home, on this “personal growth” journey. My husband is committed to making big life changes as well and we have vowed to tackle this as a team. Over the course of the next year, I plan to share with you the tips and tricks that have worked for us, hoping one or two might work for you!

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