Goodbye 2018!

Goodbye 2018!

Well, what a year. Not a great one, not a horrible… it was full of memories and huge learning curves. I can’t say I would go without it, but I won’t ask for a repeat of another. The craziest part to above? It was my personal best year in my career! So how could it be?

No, i’m not ungrateful. I love each and every client who came in to my life (and trusted me) in 2018. But life is about more than work and for me, 2018 was full of personal lessons. I met some amazing new people, I reconnected with some past friendships (that should have never faded) and I lost some friendships I never dreamt would leave.

I vowed at the beginning of 2018 that I would spend the year working on “me”. Doing more that I loved, living new experiences and making a clearer vision of my goals. Instead, I worked more, crammed in experiences when I could and lost my vision.

Well, if that doesn’t suck writing?

One of the highlights to 2018? My Instagram and the people who follow me! For every one person who will have a negative comment, there are 9 great people in the DM’s. For every person who follows (just to keep tabs) there are 9 who actually enjoy and interact. For as many times as I can get caught up-dreaming of whiter walls or the picture perfect life- I connect with the humble hearted and down to earth kind-of-gal I love!

I say it more often lately, Instagram isn’t always real. Photos can be staged, they can be posted through planners, they have filters and more. But, behind those (and often on stories) you get to know the real person running the page. Remember, for Instagram, it may be a personal journey or it may be run as a business. So next time you catch that little feeling creeping up, remind yourself – it’s likely a real person on the other side. Someone who has chose to put their time and energy into creating visually pleasing and inspiring feeds. It’s not done to make you feel like any less of a mom, or wife, or that they think they’re better… mine is done for many reasons and those would be non-existent on my list.

So here is to empowering others. To celebrating success and helping someone when they’ve forgot how to get up. To knowing that everyone deserves support, happiness and joy – however they find it. Life is tough and when you share it on social media – it’s even worse! (Hello, keyboard warriors.)

This year, I look forward to doing what I should have last! So here it is, 2019- I am going to declutter my life! Friendships that don’t belong – see ya! Extra items in our home we no longer need or use – donate! Filling my time with things that do not help me flourish as a person – no more.

What do you find yourself struggling with? I have always been someone (that regardless of how crappy something is,) I keep a positive attitude, which is why it is so easy for me to forget the end goal… I can’t wait to fill my life with more of what pushes me to be a better person. How about you? Follow along because i’ll share what works for me and what doesn’t… maybe I can save you a few bumps along the road!

First step, read “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis so that when she releases “Girl Stop Apologizing” you can keep up with me! (Swear, it’ll change your life!)





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