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What Helps Motivate Me, When the Motivation Is Running Low?

What Helps Motivate Me, When the Motivation Is Running Low?

I know I blog a lot about not working the typical 9-5 but that’s because, in my whole life… I never have! Crazy isn’t it? I have worked evenings and weekends my entire adult life! This comes with both pros and cons. One of the pros, I make my schedule. One of the cons, I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t work a weekend! Which means (for me,) time to myself might be a random Tuesday morning, maybe Thursday afternoon, maybe a week from now!

One thing that doesn’t change, regardless of when, or where, (or if) you work, is that we all have those mornings where we don’t feel like doing much. That was this morning for me! I often get asked, “what motivates you?” and I have wrote posts on that before but today I have to admit, it was nothing but the current book I am reading.

If you follow me, you’ll know I am in a book club where we are currently reading “Work Party” by Jaclyn Johnson. Last week I shared some of my favourite points from chapters 3-6 and today I am going to share a few more because (honestly) these chapters turned my day around! After waking up and getting the kids to school, I felt like I was still sleeping – an hour into my day! So, I sat down to read. (My clients start at noon today and go, (you guessed it) into the evening!) Now, I am motivated beyond belief, laundry is done, clients are organized for later today and I am ready to walk out that door with a smile.

Here were the three key points I took from today:

-“Sometimes the most important (and necessary) step to building a business or taking that next step is taking a break. Don’t get so in your zone that you don’t remember to enjoy the good life, which includes but is not limited to, wine, fire pits, string lights, friendship, cuddling dogs, and Netflix.”

Hello Wednesday morning breaks to read my book!

-“The people you add to your tribe are the people who you click with instantly or the people whose enthusiasm for life is too contagious. You respect their brains, know-how, aura and ambition. You want their respect, confidence, and support. You know the old saying “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future?” Your tribe should always be present and participatory in your daydreams, if not they may just be hindering them.”

This is a hard one. It took me many years to understand, quality over quantity. I have lost friendships I wish I hadn’t, some which needed to go, others that didn’t, but we were on different pages. But, I have made sure (in my latter years of life) to selectively choose my tribe. And that consists of a small handful of women. I love their daydreams, and they love mine. 

-“But if I take a hard look back at my younger self, this wasn’t always the case. For a long time I thought I had to prioritize looking good. If I was to be taken seriously, I had to be the perfect package at all times. The road to respect for women is difficult AF.”

Well, if this wasn’t me. I now laugh when I tell clients, “I can sell you a house, with or without makeup and at the end of the day, I promise my negotiations are just as good!”


This book has been a great outlet for me. It allows me to escape for a short period of time and (proven fact) can change my attitude right around! Entrepreneur or 9-5, everyone has a bad day. How you deal with it, is up to you!

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