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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I had an interior designer come in almost a year ago, she looks around my home and genuinely asks ‘what’s your style?’ I felt like saying ‘confused?’ I honestly didn’t know, it was slightly rustic, slightly coastal and a whole lot of traditional.

I used to buy anything that caught my eye, whether a new trend, something I saw online or a random item that had nothing to do with the style of my home. I didn’t care, if I liked it, I bought it.

Eventually I came home and started to feel overwhelmed. We had so many little things here and there. Many of which I wondered why I had even bought. I brought in a different interior designer about 1/2 a year later and she helped me understand something so simple. Each time you look at an item ask yourself, “is it the theme of what I am going for?” Simple enough, right?

She decorated and rearranged our main floor and to this day, I still walk down and smile. We haven’t moved one piece since she put her creation together. I felt inspired. I started de-cluttering. I sold a bunch of my items on a second hand site in our city and took that money to re-invest in making our home my vision.

I decided to give decorating one last shot, on my own. Our second storey living room was furnished with items that were “kid friendly.” Has anyone ever purchased telling themselves, I am doing this for when the kids are young… hello dark sofas, round side tables and absolutely nothing glass! (We had it all.)

I spent nights sourcing the furniture we would place in our newly painted second living room, always asking myself “does it go with my theme?” Although we are not quite done… it’s coming. It is a work in progress and I’ll show you as it continues. But for now, this space right here, is where you’ll find my reading or drinking my morning coffee!

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