Work Party – & Update On the Book Club!

Work Party – & Update On the Book Club!

Its been a couple weeks since joining my first book club with Lady Getz and I have to admit.. it started off strong and then the flame faded. It had absolutely nothing to do with the book club itself, (it actually is amazing,) it had to do with me! I crushed the first chapters hours after picking up the book, and then stopped, as we’re guided – so I could follow along and contribute to our discussions. The problem? I didn’t pick it back up. Why? Because life is busy and work has been crazy!

Last night, as I crawled into bed, I saw the book, sitting there on my nightstand. I asked myself if it was fair that I was pushing off something I thoroughly enjoy because of… (who knows what).

So, this morning – I had an appointment in my calendar. It was just me and my book. I turned the phone to silent and sat in front of my fireplace, reading. And guess what? When I looked at my phone 45 minutes later? Everyone was still fine! Deals were still going smoothly, clients were still happy and the day would continue on, as normal as it should. I think we often forget to take time for ourselves. (I hope I’m not the only one!)

The other thing? I remembered how frickin’ amazing this book is! I gushed about “Girl Wash Your Face,” which was a recent fave. But, “Work Party” is different. GWYF is an emotional and individual journey. “Work Party” is for bad-ass boss babes who want to walk away feeling motivated and refreshed.

Here are a couple of the key points I took from what I read today.

-“The silver lining of being a solo CEO is that you get to rebuild your brand on your own terms. You get to picture what you want your business to look like, how you want it to be perceived, and what will set you apart.”

-“…you question the legitimacy of what you’re thinking and doing, but you are propelled forward at such speed. You’re wondering, Am I insane? Which, if you’re starting a biz, you are. Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur is definitely a little insane.”

– “Collaboration over competition.”

-“Isn’t this what we all want? A career that we’re not only proud of at the end of the day but actually have fun pursuing it?”

-“We see other people’s milestones. We don’t often see their rock bottoms.”


If you’re interested in reading this book, I’ve linked it here for purchase. And if you’re interested in the Lady Getz book club, get more info here! (She still has space.) If you have suggestions on other boss babe books, leave a comment!

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