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They Say…

They Say…

They say, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” which is an interesting statement when you think of it. And to be honest, I would be okay if this were true of my life. I met for a late supper and drink with one of my besties last night and although we never have a lack of things to talk about, this was different. We were ready to wrap up our night, had already paid the bill and intended on heading out. Until, out of no where, we got to talking… and couldn’t stop! We got on to the topic of our future, but more specifically – things that are happening in the very near future for both of us. We ended up staying almost another 45 minutes longer, to finish gushing over these great new things happening with both of us.

This morning when I woke up, I remembered the saying, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” and it really resonated. We both have very different careers but our paths are going down a similar street just different sides of the city. We both are dreaming of expanding ourselves into something we have rarely done in the past but with different ways of getting there – as our industries do not relate. (Same thing, different ways – “similar street just different sides of the city.”)

The excitement poured out as each of us told the other about our idea, how we would get there and where it could expand to. I actually felt like I was having a conversation with myself because we were saying the same thing. Although I am always hesitant to share things on the blog before they happen, I love to bring you along as they unfold. I guess I am one of those people that “don’t count their chickens before they hatch,” and I am okay with that!

Ps – to my bestie (who will read this,) love ya, can’t wait for things to progress while I stand beside and watch – then you do the same with me. There is a reason we’ve been friends for this long and cannot wait for a lifetime more of experiences!

Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone based on a small little thought? Mine started small and has just snow-balled into something much larger. Did it work out for you? Hopefully if it didn’t, you re-vamped and tried again.

If you were the sum of the 5 people closest to you, would they bring you up? Inspire you? Support you and push you to be better? Or would they do the opposite?


(Quote famously said by motivational speaker Jim Rohn.)


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