Family Photos – A Blast From the Past With Our Family.

Family Photos – A Blast From the Past With Our Family.

Growing up, my family rarely got family photos. And by that, I mean we maybe had professional photos taken twice through my life. My sister and my wedding photos replaced those from 15 years earlier! (Can you imagine?)

When I started my little family, I vowed to have those memories to pass forward to my kids. So, each year (in Fall) we meet with our photographer to capture a fun afternoon. 

Photos for 2018 are fast approaching which got me to thinking of outfits. And outfits had me thinking of past years. Since I only started this blog (less than) a year ago I thought it would be fun to do a “Blast From the Past” post!

They were so young! B couldn’t stand unless he could balance with something! (Above.)

Looking back, year after year is amazing to see how they’ve grown!

My oldest started to grow his hair out this year (below.) Wait till you see our last years photos… and I made him cut it between!

Everyone had wild (and long) hair this year! (Below.)

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