Mommy & Me – Snag Your Matching Scarves for $24.99!

Mommy & Me – Snag Your Matching Scarves for $24.99!

For those of you who follow my stories on Instagram, you will have seen my family and I enjoying the Pumpkin Patch this past weekend. I am humbled at how many questions I got, asking where we my daughter and I got our matching scarves. As much as I would love to give a link and an option to buy- it isn’t quite that quick. That being said, it’s easy and quite affordable. I ordered a scarf off Call It Spring Canada, a few months back. When it came, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of material – I now truly understood the meaning “blanket scarf.” It sat in my closet and each time I would grab a scarf I would reach past it because it was too large. This past weekend, I questioned why I couldn’t just cut it and make part for my daughter. I did just that, and we both now have great Fall scarves for just $25.00 total!

(I placed the square scarf on the ground, folded it diagonally to be the same size on each side then adjusted the fold to be about 70%/30%. The split came out  perfect, now we both have oversized scarves without drowning!)

Shop the scarf here – bonus, it’s only $24.99!


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