How I Horribly Packed (Or Didn’t Pack) For My Work Trip To Halifax

How I Horribly Packed (Or Didn’t Pack) For My Work Trip To Halifax

Each year, the same time, we have a work conference. You would think by now I would be prepared enough to remember it’s coming. This year, I thought I was ahead of the game with all the Fall sweaters I bought so leaving packing till the very end wasn’t a concern of mine. Until, all of a sudden – it was. I left myself little time, threw items in a bag, packed a handful of heels (we are going for work, remember) and jumped on the plane. The minute we landed I knew I was in trouble. It’s windy (really cold) mixed with a random “hot” day and everything seems to be on a hill. I figured I could jump over to the nearest mall and grab a few items to get me by… until I found out there is one store by us. That’s it. (Thank goodness its Urban Outfitters, which I happen to love!)

Other things I forgot?

Hairspray – which may be a lost cause anyway because my hair is a rats nest due to the wind – not much is going to help that

“No-see” socks – because remember, I really only packed heels. Urban Outfitters was also sold out so I bought a pair of mens (the lady at the store said they’re a one size so they would work – WRONG! the were so big!)

A book (and none of the airport stores had the one I’ve had my eye on – Girl, Wash Your Face,) my Beats charger for my headphones, my Fitbit charger, a notebook, the list goes on! Regardless, I’ve now gained another cute pair of converse and a “go-to” white Tee that I love!

Shoes – Converse All Star (Here)

Necklace – Zari Delicate Chain Lariat (Here)

Dress – Bella Sqnk Rib Bodycon – In “Brown” (Here) The color is actually a beautiful Fall (burnt) orange.

T-Shirt – (Here) Size small but its oversized, I bought a size up because I plan to tie it



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