Why I Didn’t Blog in August and Part of September (& What is New!)

Why I Didn’t Blog in August and Part of September (& What is New!)

I was surprised at how many messages I received asking why I hadn’t done any blogging over the past 6 weeks? I have to admit i’m flattered that people ACTUALLY read my blogs (to start) and humbled that complete strangers were asking if I was okay. It’s an interesting feeling when you decide to share a good part of your life on the internet, and even more interesting to find out that people actually care. I have only been doing this a short time and already I can feel the love and support (thank you!)

  1. So, I have not made a blog post in 6 weeks… as you know, I lost my grandma around that time. Obviously, that was part of the reason that I took time to myself but it also lead in to another reason for my absence. If you follow along, you’ll know I am a real estate agent but not only do I sell, I also invest and have tried my hand in the “renovating and flipping” side of things as well. It’s been a while since I have “re-done” a home with the intention of a re-sale but I will be general contracting my grandmas home in the next few weeks. I love being able to walk in to a home and bring my vision to life and i’m excited to (for the first time) bring you along through instagram stories! I will take my grandparents home from a well maintained but awfully dated home into a modern and inviting space for a new family to make memories. My grandparents owned this home for almost 50? years (I think) so as you would expect, a few emotions are involved!
  2.  I have been working hard to re-vamp my business and brand. I have a bit of a secret i’ll soon share but that in it’s own has been demanding a world of attention! You know me, if I decide i’m doing something, it’s with 110% effort!
  3. The kids are back in school which meant we tried to enjoy every waking moment with them in their last summer days. We snuck off on a quick camping trip (and I mean quick) where we made a ton of memories and enjoyed a cell-free experience. Did I say, “enjoy?” I will expand in a post i’m going to make about how we spent our labour day weekend and you can decide if I actually “enjoyed” it!
  4. Lastly, I (along with 4 other agents) threw an amazing client appreciation night at our CFL stadium… I kept you updated the  night it happened but i’ll recap on here for those who missed it!

There it is, why I haven’t posted! I wish I could say that my blog and insta following are so successful that I did it full time, but I can’t. I work (more than full time) run like a chicken without a head to multiple sports, try to keep my 3 kids fed and bathed :p and do this on the side for pleasure! Feel free to drop me a line if you’re ever missing me or have something you would like me to blog about!


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