What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

I am crawling in to bed after a 14 hour work day. I work with the most wonderful clients, I spend my days, driving from house to house, showing, listing, offering and guiding clients, so don’t get me wrong… I love my job. But, I won’t lie, sometimes these crazy busy days catch up to you. Would I change it if I could? I would maybe make slight adjustments but I wouldn’t ever give it up. I am often asked how I can keep pushing through and I actually believe I have touched on it in a few blog posts but I have something new to add to the force behind my drive. My grandma.
To update you, she passed 7 days ago. I shared a post a 2 weeks ago where I admitted what was going on and then took a break from blogging to spend time with her. Since her passing, I’ve found out so much, from only speaking to a few of her friends. I found out how proud she was of me. I always knew, but not to the true extent. From a woman who didn’t brag, always put everyone else first and would do anything to help anyone be happy- she made darn sure to let everyone know her granddaughter was a real estate agent and a “darn good one” at that. This was something I never knew, I didn’t know she told others about me, or how proud she was of my success and this hit hard. I was proud she was proud of me!

Judge me or don’t- I took an evening off from work (thank you to my amazing clients for some short notice cancellations) and dealt with my emotions. I woke up the next morning and worked twice as hard to fit everyone in. I feel it’s be jam packed since and you know what drives me to keep going? Knowing that is what she would have wanted.

Cheers to the good life, to the moments we cherish, to the memories we make, to the days that are busier than they should be… and to my grandma. May you live each day in heaven by grandpas side golfing the most gorgeous courses.

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