When is “good,” “good enough?”

When is “good,” “good enough?”

At the beginning of this year, I caught myself questioning what I want in life. I looked at what I had accomplished and what I wanted to do in my next years but quickly came to the thought “is it ever enough?” I have a loving and doting husband who adores me. I have three kids that are sport nuts, blessed with kind hearts and smart, well beyond their years. I run a successful business and love what I do but at what point is it ever “good enough.” Or, is it ever?
One thing I promised myself was that I would work on living more “in the moment” and appreciating everything I have. I don’t think I am ungrateful, I got to where I am with hard work and determination but I do think that i’m cursed with an entrepreneurial mind and a bit too much ambition. I am jealous of the people who can turn off their brain and take in each and every day for what it is, not dreaming or planning the next great thing… but enjoying life for what it is – beautiful.

Real talk is not something that is easy to always share but at the same time, I don’t want people to think i’m super woman either. I’m a regular hard working mom and loving wife… I will have my moments where I could work a little more at both but in the end, step by step, I am working to living a more beautiful and enjoyable life. This blog is one step towards that, thanks for following along <3.

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