June, What a Month!

June, What a Month!

June, marks 1/2 way through the year… a time to review what you’ve done these last 180 days and what you want to accomplish before the next 180 are over. It also happens to be one of the busiest months in our house with a bunch of amazing reasons to smile. If you follow my blog, you know I turn 30 this month, that same day our youngest son turns 6! (I always joke he was my birthday present.) It also happens to be the month we got married so we’re excited to celebrate another year together. Fun fact, both our parents were married in June (42 and 32 years ago – must be a lucky month.)

Im looking forward to opening up and sharing parts of my life with you including photos from our wedding, our secrets to keeping a happy relationship with a hectic life and bringing you along on my journey of self love and care!

Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful sun. June is an amazing month!

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