30 Things you may not know about me

30 Things you may not know about me

In keeping the theme of “30” I have decided to share some things you may (or may not) know about me. Writing a post like this is slightly challenging for me. I went through a time in my late teens where I didn’t care who knew what about me because, to be honest, I really just didn’t care. Enter my early 20’s and a couple life changes – all of a sudden I tried to be quite private and share with only my close circles. Now at my late 20’s (wow, will that be weird to not say anymore) I have decided to use this blog as a little therapy for myself, to grow as an adult and share my experiences with others because I am proud of where I am and what I have done in these (short) 30 years.

Hope you enjoy learning a little bit about me!

1) I have been a real estate agent for 6 years but got my first start in the
industry when I was 17 working for a mortgage company. 

2) I have 3 kids. I am blessed to be a "bonus" mom to my older two.  

3) Nashville is my ‘Vegas.’ I also got engaged there and later married there. 
- Stay tuned because June is also the month I got married and I will be sharing
some photos and stories in the near future.

4) I met my husband shortly after I turned 23. He asked me on a card ‘will 
you go out with me, check yes or no’ and I checked ‘yes’ with a permanent marker.

5) I was a hair stylist in my younger years. 

6) I have one sister, she is 18 months younger and a doctor. 

7) 3 of my best friends have been in my life for over 20 years. 

8) My son and I share a birthday.  

9) I really enjoy braiding hair. 

10) I bought my most recent vehicle to ‘blend in’ not stand out. I went 
with white in a very popular make/model. There are almost always 5 of my 
vehicle on the road at the same time.  

11) The only bone(s) I’ve ever broke are toes. 

12) I got my first tattoo at 14 (and yes, my parents signed consent.) 

13) At 26 I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. I still have daily 
struggles but am fairly aware of my triggers. 

14) The trip that gave me the ‘travel bug’ was to the Bahamas when I was 17. 

15) My favourite flowers are peonies and hydrangeas. 

16) I’ve always wanted a dog. 

17) My parents and I have an extremely close relationship. They are the most
selfless people you’ll meet. 

18) I love to two step (I have a love for country music but hip hop has 
its place too.) 

19) My favourite song is ‘free fallin’ (The acoustic cover by John Mayer.) 

20) I have really long legs, I wore a 34” inseam in early middle school. 

21) My dad raised me shooting bow and arrow and riding quads/dirt bikes. 
He bought me my first quad at 18 months old... it had a kill chord! 
22) I answered my phone for business calls the day of my wedding. 

23) I have never caused a car accident. 

24) I am a person who is rarely satisfied, I have incredible ambition. 
Sometimes it’s a downfall because I forget to sit back and relax. 

25) I think a woman looks sexiest when she has on a high neck outfit and 
pulls it off with confidence. Showing your ‘goods’ is meant for the bedroom. 

26) I didn’t start drinking coffee until my late 20s.

27) ‘Die a happy man’ by Thomas Rhett was my wedding song. His hairdresser 
did my wedding hair (I found this out the morning of.)

28) I got my first scar rolling my dirt bike, it was a nasty gash across my hip. 

29) I wanted to own a bridal boutique when I grew up. 

30) I don’t like candy or ice cream. 

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