It’s spring and that means time to clean!

It’s spring and that means time to clean!

Since moving out on my own, I made a decision not to hoard… this sounds basic and easy but my goodness, do I struggle! I feel like I do a good job organizing and decluttering throughout the year but each and every Spring, I dedicate hours to going through each room, top to bottom. After living in this home for 6 straight years, you realize things slip through the cracks and you end up with more stuff than you need. Once I have finished my spring cleaning, I have to admit, I feel “lighter.” My house is organized, I don’t feel like I have useless items weighing me down and I feel like there is more to enjoy – with less in our lives. (It’s a great feeling.)

One addition to our home that came with spring cleaning is an Ikea organizer and I wanted to share. If you have kids, sports toys and equipment often pile up and (in my house) ended up in piles around our garage. This year, I invested in the IKEA KALLAX cube organizer (we went with the 5′ by 5′ cube shelf.) Instead of piles, we now have storage going up (the wall), instead of out (on the floor.) I even went as far as labelling each cube so my kids know where everything belongs. One cube is for baseballs, another for hockey pucks, one for skipping ropes and another for bike helmets. Now every day when I walk out to get into my SUV, I smile. I no longer have clutter, I have organization and everything has it’s place. The morning the kids walked out they were so excited with my youngest saying “hey mom, I can actually find things now.” It’s been 3 weeks and not one thing has been left out of place! Wish I had thought of this sooner!

If you have tips on easy organization or how you declutter, leave them below!


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