Worst Fashion Lover… Ever! (Confession)

Worst Fashion Lover… Ever! (Confession)

If you live in my city, there is no way you haven’t heard that we got an H&M store, whose grand opening was only a week ago. This is a huge deal considering we have few international mass stores in our city. Let’s be honest I don’t think Target stayed more than two years (which breaks my heart every time I think about it – I’m a huge lover of Target!)

We’ve seen dozens of pictures of the beautiful YQR bloggers out front the store doors, inside by the racks packed full of amazing deals for the men and women who waited hours outside to enter… but where is mine? Oh thats right, I HATE lineups and crowds of people. Not what you would expect, especially when I am in love with this store!

It’s not like I woke up that morning and just realized I wouldn’t be going… I had known for a long time! Cue, online orders. I love to support local but that doesn’t always mean heading to the store, between 3 kids, a full time job and a crazy busy life – convenience is required. I placed my order a few days in advance because I was just as excited as everyone else and low and behold, the grand opening day of H&M, there on my doorstep… was my order. As I said, worst fashion lover ever, or smart? I’ll let you decide!

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