Wayfair and What I think.

Wayfair and What I think.

If you haven’t heard of Wayfair yet, you need to jump on the internet quick! Welcome a huge variety of basically anything home related you’ve ever dreamt of. I love supporting local but sometimes you get a vision in your head and need pieces that are not available in your city. This happens often where I live as we are quite limited on our home furnishing and decor stores. The fact that Wayfair ships to Canada is a bonus as well, make sure to check the .ca site or click here!


Ive bought about 10 items so far and had a couple mixed experiences. First of all, shipping is quick! They give a suggested ship date when you order and so far, everything has been ahead of schedule. Secondly, the items have all been “as pictured” online. I have not had any surprises on arrival but that being said, I measure everything twice, I don’t guess and have even gone as far as taping the size out on my floor to make sure it will fit perfect! Prices are extremely competitive and items are fair quality. The downfalls include having two items come damaged but Wayfair’s customer service is top notch and a new item was at my door only a couple days later to replace the original. (It’s bound to happen when they come that quick!)


As everything, you get what you pay for. My recommendation is reading the customer reviews as well as the “specifics” section. Customers share their opinions, rate out of 5 stars and sometimes post their own pictures (this is my fave!) Here, is where I have found out a chair may be too small, or too short, or a cream dresser shows more yellow than beige. I trust the reviews and make my decisions off that, as said above, I have yet to receive something unexpected.


They allow returns and it’s an easy process. Truth be told, of the couple items I chose not to use, I sold them on a local “for sale” site rather than shipping back. The amount I saved in shipping, I discounted on the asking price.


They literally have everything! I travel a fair bit so I see styles from all over the world and then struggle replicating back home. Wayfair (for the most part) has solved that problem!


Heavily discounted options allow for changing items up often. I chose to do a darker theme when my kids were younger, worried they may stain or “wear” on a lighter option. Thankfully, we never had any “color on the wall” or furniture incidents but I played safe than sorry. Now, the kids are older and very aware so I’m mixing in lighter colours, glass accents (because I avoided those as well) and a bit more of sophisticated style.

*Oh, and bonus, they have a virtual option to place the furniture in your space before you buy, how cool is that?

Stay tuned for an update when I blog about Way Day… I’ve never bought during the sale but they claim to have some of their best deals of the year! (April 25th, 2018)

Blog is up, WAY DAY was a success, check here for what I thought.

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