New Building, New Booth, New Look

New Building, New Booth, New Look

2018 marks the 4th year I have held a booth at the Regina Spring Home Show, representing Royal LePage. What started out as 1/3 of a 8×10 booth, grew to independently filling an 8×10 space and now for the second year in a row been a 10×20 set up. The first year I admit, I had no idea what I was doing but I had a vision. I wanted to create a space that was inviting, showcased my style and brought attention to my business… the truth is, when all you have is a table, shared in a space with 2 other people, the vision was bound to fail!

The next year I knew I needed my own space but struggled with what I would use to fill it and how I would afford, not only the budget but also the time that goes into these amazing displays. I tried and I learned, I still wouldn’t say I succeeded but my vision was becoming clearer.

(Above: Year 2 at the Regina Spring Home Show.)

Year 3 was a turning point for me, I decided go big or go home. Knowing I couldn’t do it on my own, I asked two other reputable agents to join me in my crazy plan (I actually just needed muscles to move stuff for me–joking!) Buying one of the biggest booths available was exciting and intimidating. I borrowed furniture, scoured my house, brought things from my office, all just to fulfil that vision I had from years earlier. The show went off well, sharing the floor with 2 other agents was great but I still didn’t feel like my booth represented who I was and what I was about. My husband says my best (and my worst) quality is that I put 110% into anything that I am passionate about.

Enter, 2018 Spring Home Show! This year the Regina Spring Home Show is held in the brand new International Trade Centre, which means tall ceilings, natural sunlight from gorgeous glass (window) walls and opportunity to finally accomplish the vision I had 4 years ago! I spent months thinking and planning with a bff of mine. We collected furniture (bit by bit) off of second hand sale sites, looking for “next to new” but heavily discounted pieces mixed with a couple items from my home and accented with a few new (small) investments… I finally had it. 2018 brought a new building, a new booth and a new look. I finally have created a booth that is inviting, showcases my style and best of all, brings attention to my business. Thank you to everyone who helped me create my vision and to Matthew, Brett and Nicole for joining me in this crazy ride!

Cheers to spending the next 4 days straight chatting with new (and old) faces!

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