Chiffon, Lace and Sequins!

Chiffon, Lace and Sequins!

Ever since I was little, weddings have always been my soft spot. I grew up watching wedding shows and picturing my special day on a beach, without shoes and the sunset in the back as we danced the night away. In reality, I got married in a the most beautiful garden in Nashville, TN wearing 5″ heels and partied with the best of friends until early morning.

Until shortly before my wedding, I had only watched women in my social circles enjoying the honours and duties of being bridesmaids. It seemed that my closest and best gfs were focusing on their careers or had other life goals to achieve before settling down and starting the next chapter as married women. I loved seeing pictures of beautiful spaces, smiling faces and of course the commitment between two people to build their life together.

That however was my past, and my future looks full of chiffon, sequins and lace! 2 weddings down and 2 to go (so far,) I have had the joys of being asked to stand beside the most amazing women recently and soon to come. From the mountains to sandy beaches, from mid summer to the dead of winter, the ride has been anything short of fun, laughs, bonding and of course stress!

Follow along as posts of wedding fun, bridesmaid struggles and life-long friendships sprinkle my blog! I’ll also be sharing some great tips and tricks that saved us a lot of time, sites that saved us a lot of money and recommendations that could have saved us a few bumpy roads.


**I just said “YES” again this weekend!**

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