Currently Loving, Gucci Belts.

Currently Loving, Gucci Belts.

Late to the trend, there is no doubt about it but I would say more “gun-shy.” This belt has been on my “obsessed with” list for a handful of months. The only reason I haven’t bought it yet? The price! It’s not a cheap one but a staple item, for sure. Coming in a variety of colors (both buckle and belt) this item makes a statement on its own. The more we see our shirts tucked in to the waist of our jeans, the more we have reason to show off our belts… enter – the Gucci belt we are seeing everywhere! Casual or dressed up, I put this item in the category of “understated sexy.”

Does the little black one go with the same thought of the LBD, everyone needs at least one? My sister in law introduced me to the “price-per-wear” theory recently. See here for what exactly I am talking about. (I also promise to wear it every day if it applies.)


*Update, I bought the black belt with silver buckle. I have convinced myself this will stay in my closet forever and one day i’ll pass it down to my daughter!*

Photo Cred: thehappinessproject.yqr


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