Backpacks, Can I Pull One Off?

Backpacks, Can I Pull One Off?

I have a confession. I am slightly obsessed with backpacks. I’ve always been the one to carry a purse, ever since I was young. It’s an easy way to add a pop of colour or make a statement but when I became a mom, that all changed. I no longer could tote a cute purse on top of a diaper bag on top of a child (or three!) I also could not fit everything I needed into my purse so downsizing to just one carrier was not an option. During the first handful of months I ditched the purse and solely used my diaper bag (which at that time was horrible hard to find a cute one.) Eventually I needed less and less for my downing baby and went back to just the purse (extra full.) Looking back now, I wonder why I never considered a backpack? Last year my sister gifted me this adorable Matt & Nat backpack and my world changed. I started using it for travel through the airport because it freed-up.

up my hands to do everything else you need to do between checking bags, security scanning and juggling 5 passports! 6 months later and many flights I had realized I actually got excited when I would use it, it was almost an “unknown” feeling to have both hands free. Slowly but surely the backpack has made its way becoming a more regular piece of my wardrobe! A day at the park, why not? I can pack all my essentials plus snacks! A flight with my kids, guess what? The IPad fits!

Bonus: I also find my back a lot less sore because the weight is distributed evenly between. I once had an (amazing) seamstress tell me my one shoulder sat lower than the other when I stood, she suggested it was a combination of a heavy purse over the years and my kids on my hip!

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Photo Cred: the happiness project.yqr

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