Our Engagement

Our Engagement

While away on vacation in Nashville, the trip seemed to be going like any other. We were enjoying with friends who had come with us, strolling the streets of live music and showing them our favourite spots. We planned a site seeing excursion each day and then would spend the evenings laughing and hopping between the venues on Broadway at night. The morning of our engagement started with a surprise massage and sipping mimosas at the Spa in our hotel (The Omni) which when on vacation, didn’t strike me as “odd.” My girlfriend and I then went shopping at Opry Mills Mall while the boys did, what boys do? (not sure I even know to this day what they did.) The day before we had discussed where we would like to go and when (my then boyfriend) Brett suggested steak supper downtown, I piped up that we should also go and visit “love circle” a popular spot to view all of the downtown Nashville lights and get the best views. (Little did I know, it was a set up because Brett knew this would be my suggestion.) We jumped in a limo with our crew who had travelled with us, along with some of our long-time Nashville friends and we were off for “love circle” followed by supper. After climbing up the stairs in our dresses, heels and umbrellas (because it was raining) I remember being so excited to take in the beautiful moment. Up on the hill, with our friends watching is where Brett proposed… I still to this day don’t know what he said because I was caught off guard and completely surprised.

*Brett had also been “sick” the day before, (fake.) He had stayed back pretending to be in bed while he actually ran around and prepared. He went to “love circle” to make sure it was the perfect place, he planned the spa and the limo and then tricked me into thinking it was my great plan to show our friends the views from the hill. Smart man, do you think he knows me well?*









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